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glass artThis year I want to make a series of glass art in the theme of “Permission to Play.”  I also want to find better ways to display my work, explore mosaics, do more sketching, blog consistently, and of course, exercise and eat more veggies.

That’s in addition to attending to my Etsy online shop, learning my new camera and taking better pictures; taking two make up classes at the Santa Rosa Jr. College to improve my face painting; finding suitable craft fair shows, applying six months ahead of time, making inventory, and actually attending the craft shows.  Don’t forget the volunteer hours for Art at the Source.

I’m exhausted already.

Where’s the time/space/energy for all these worthwhile projects going to come from?  That’s where the un-resolutions come in.  What I plan to do less of.  (Making lists is not one of these things)

1. Worrying.  Ugh.  Usually stuff works out.  Part of the strategy for this is to do the minimum necessary for each task (unless passionately motivated).  This sounds super slacker and it is, but in a self-pacing kind of way.  An example.  My work was accepted into a holiday show in a gallery.  I was so excited.  The coordinator said she liked my holiday dishes and ornaments, so I made a bunch.  Not as many as I thought I should, but there you go.  Turns out not one dish and only two ornaments sold.  I could have driven and pushed myself to make more, just to be disappointed.  Slackers rule!

2.  Watching bad TV, which is most of it.  Likewise with bad movies. Zoned out relaxation will be better served by restorative yoga, reading, looking at pretty pictures online or something else (not snacking). I’ll achieve higher quality special bonding time with the husband unit doing art projects together, going to bed earlier or… Will need some creative ideas. Suggestions for brain dead after dinner sleepy unmotivated time would be much appreciated.

3. Cruising the Internet just to escape.  A little bit of Facebook socializing, select bits of research…even some Craig’s list scouring are all okay.  It’s just a question of knowing when to just step away from the computer.  Hoping for magic here.

4. Turn off the self-judgment!  Talk about draining.  The whole “Permission to Play” glass artseries exists to allow myself to make mistakes, waste supplies, be unproductive and goofy.  Turn off the inner slave driver who wants more efficiency, more output, endless marketing.  Tune into the free inner child who is all about FUN. Isn’t that what we all need more of?