Etsy photo make over

Has anyone not heard of online craft and vintage superstore Etsy by now?  Photographs sell products on Etsy.  Descriptions help.  If you don’t have strong photos, you won’t have strong sales, or get into galleries, fairs or heaven.  Okay, you might still get into heaven, but not artist nirvana. Today I started working with artistContinue reading “Etsy photo make over”

Product photography for Twig Art & Garden

Thought I’d share a few thoughts on photographing small objects.  Not that I’m an expert, but having an Etsy store has taught me a bit, and what I didn’t know I looked up on the web.  Ha, ha. Seriously, I did find some good tips on this site. I recently upgraded my camera to aContinue reading “Product photography for Twig Art & Garden”